Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Manifest Destiny?

About three months ago my wife and I were flying back to D.C. from Milwaukee. My wife sat by the window, I sat in the middle, and another passenger sat to my left. After takeoff the passenger sitting next to me, an attractive middle aged woman with blonde hair, asked us if we were “going on vacation” or “back to school”. We get this a lot.

We answered that no, in fact we were going home. We live and work in D.C. She asked us where we lived, and we said “near RFK Stadium”.

This is the standard response we must give when engaged in this conversation. We actually live a number of blocks away from RFK but it’s the only landmark people will even occasionally be familiar with. It’s like telling Europeans that you live near New York City, when you’re actually from Hartford, because the truth will only confuse them.

Shockingly, she didn’t ask what an RFK Stadium was and instead asked for more details. In fact, she owned a number of fast food franchises in D.C.

We said that we owned a small rowhouse south of Benning Road, east of 15th Street, North of C Street, right in-between the Rosedale and Kingman Park neighborhoods.

She looked a little stunned and said, “Oh, so you’re pioneers.”

Years prior, our African-American real estate agent used this term when we expressed an interest in checking out Trinidad. At the time, it wasn’t so upsetting. But coming from the mouth of a well-dressed white woman it seemed distasteful.

After one too awkward seconds my wife said, “Well actually, people have been living there for about 80 years. The neighborhood was built in the 30s.” Then we uncomfortably turned back to our reading materials and tried to ignore each other for the rest of the flight.

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Thursday, September 04, 2008

McCain Gets Shouted Down

Wow, McCain is getting heckled by Vets. This is amazing.

Also, that was the worst video I've ever seen. Amateurish at best. I can't believe someone paid to have that made.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Time to Move

I have to say, every single city I travel to seems to be better than DC. I'm in Montreal right now for a mini vacation, and it's an entirely pleasant city. It's better than pleasant, it's enjoyable. Lot's to do, nice people, you can bring your own wine into restaurants. What's not to like?

When my wife and I were eating dinner outside at a street cafe and heard a motorcycle backfire, we were the only people who instinctively ducked. Everyone else just carried on with their business. Quite a bit different from Northeast!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Take Me To My Mansion, Cindy

One day I want to be so rich that wherever I go over the course of my travels, whatever city, township, village and unincorporated municipality I end up in, I can rest assured in knowing that I'll own a house there. I'll just tell my butler to drive me there. Then I will go and rest. With my heiress wife that I left my wife and family for. Just like John McCain.

Not That I Support A Lou Dobbs Candidacy....

Is Lou Dobbs running for office? Why does he have better campaign ads than Obama and McCain?

CNN Disgusts Me

One of my biggest problems with airports is the never ending repetition of CNN Headline News. I can't stand the attractive but annoyingly vapid "anchors" (is that what you would even call them? Reporters? Actors? Models? Communications Majors?). I can't stand the cutesy but annoyingly vapid stories. Most of all I can't stand CNN's conservative bent which to me just seems to come out of a fear of "liberal bias" name games from the right.

I'll just note that CNN let McCain blather on and on about Obama's poor judgement on the war...really long news clips not sound bites. Then what do they cut to on Obama? How he's dealing with the sniffles. I kid you not.

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Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Land that Time Forgot

In the words of my friend Dan, "This map is funny, because it's serious. It's like, you just don't exist. "

Apparently Northeast, Southeast and Southwest are just empty voids. It's bad enough that most DC maps found around town just cut out all the areas where black people live, but these people actually go to the trouble of outlining the district but then pretend that no one lives beyond Capitol Hill. I especially like that Eckington is outlined, like some brave explorer once surveyed the area's border while on Safari but then got scared away before making landfall.

Monday, July 21, 2008

It's No DeLorean But...

DCist has sexy new pics of the new Metrobuses. Wow!

It's like they'll not only take us to work, but also to the future.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Barack Obama-sistible!

Because OMG this is incredible.